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Why Choose Us

imageBeing in the business where trust is our main profit, we never take lightly each demand that is required of us. Ebonny Home Health Agency always strive to put our best foot forward and go higher in our aim to provide you with exceptional in-home care services.

Many of our clients have found their answers at Ebonny Home Health Agency. When asked about it, we have collected the following reasons, which keep them coming back and loyal to the Ebonny trademark of excellence:

  • Very Professional Caregivers. The staff are enthusiastic, radiates positive energy, and are willing to inspire and encourage even during the most difficult and challenging situations.
  • Affordable and Reasonable Rates for Programs. Rates are not overpriced, yet the services provided are more than anything, incomparable among others. Clients get the best value for what they paid for, even better.
  • Personal and Individualized Services. The caregiver assigned to every patient puts prime focus on the welfare of that patient. They oversee everything that the patient requires with initiative. Each client never feels alone or unassisted during the duration of service.
  • Comprehensive Skilled and Medical Care. The nursing staff are very knowledgeable of the patient’s health needs at home. They help the client and their families understand the nature of recovery and what can be done to advance the process. They coordinate and consult with clients’ physicians to know the most efficient direction of care.
  • Respect and Privacy Honored at Home. The visiting nurses and the stationed caregivers, no matter how assistive they may be, are very considerate of the patient’s need to be independent. They are at your side whenever you need them to be but when you prefer to be on your own, you can be sure that they are at constant watch over your welfare.

It would be an honor to be your partner in care. Choose Ebonny Home Health Agency and you’ll never go wrong. Contact us today to learn more.

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